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The Work Near Home Vision


Patch is building co-working clubs for commuter towns across the UK, vibrant local spaces to work, connect and support local enterprise. Patch brings design led interiors, high quality work infrastructure and a programme of community events to local high streets.

Work Near Home does not just mean a desk with good internet. Work Near Home is a new category to describe what we can achieve by reinvesting our time, money and talent into the places and people near where we live.


The Patch, a vibrant public working space in Twickenham, envisioned providing an innovative environment for individuals and businesses to thrive. To achieve this vision, they needed a reliable and cutting-edge IT infrastructure that could support their diverse community of members and foster collaboration and creativity.


RVT, a trusted technology solutions provider, partnered with The Patch to transform their IT infrastructure and support their mission. Our team conducted a thorough assessment of The Patch’s requirements and collaborated closely with their leadership to create a tailored solution.

The solution included:

  1. Network Infrastructure: We designed and implemented a robust network infrastructure to ensure high-speed and reliable internet connectivity for all members.
  2. Hardware Procurement: RVT sourced and supplied the necessary hardware, including workstations, servers, and networking equipment.
  3. Cloud Integration: Leveraging cloud solutions, we ensured seamless access to files and applications from anywhere, promoting flexibility and collaboration.
  4. Managed IT Support: RVT provided ongoing managed IT support, ensuring that The Patch’s IT environment ran smoothly and addressing any issues promptly.

Results: The partnership between RVT and The Patch at Twickenham yielded remarkable outcomes:

  1. Innovation Hub: The Patch became a thriving hub for innovation, fostering collaboration and creativity among its members.
  2. Reliable Connectivity: High-speed, reliable internet connectivity ensured that members could work seamlessly.
  3. Efficient Operations: With managed IT support, The Patch’s team could focus on their core mission while RVT handled IT-related concerns.
  4. Community Growth: The Patch attracted a growing community of members, thanks to its state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

RVT’s collaboration with The Patch at Twickenham showcases our commitment to empowering innovative spaces with cutting-edge technology solutions. By providing a reliable IT environment and ongoing support, we’ve played a pivotal role in helping The Patch create a dynamic and thriving community where individuals and businesses can prosper and innovate.

Case Study

Patch brings design led interiors, high quality work infrastructure and a programme of community events to local high streets.

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