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Our company’s most integral guiding ethos is one of quality. We are a proudly Cornish CBD company who have scoured the world to source the finest organic hemp and established precise methods for extraction to be able to deliver a previously unachieved level of natural purity across our whole range of CBD products. Nestled in the beautifully dramatic wilds of the North coast, we know that sticking to our principles of exceptional quality and transparency is why our customers trust us and why they come back to us time and time again. We’re proud to be leading the way for ethical, pure CBD oils and luxury CBD skin care products here in Cornwall.


Ethica CBD, a rapidly growing wellbeing business specialising in CBD products, faced the challenge of equipping their operations with the right technology products. They needed a trusted technology partner to provide the essential hardware and software solutions required to support their expansion and ensure operational efficiency.


RVT, a trusted technology solutions provider, collaborated with Ethica CBD to address their technology needs and facilitate their growth. Our team conducted a thorough assessment of Ethica CBD’s requirements and devised a tailored solution.

The solution included:

  1. Hardware Procurement: RVT sourced and supplied essential hardware, including computers, servers, and networking equipment, to support Ethica CBD’s operations.
  2. Software Integration: We integrated necessary software solutions to streamline business processes, manage inventory, and enhance customer interactions.
  3. Ongoing Support: RVT provided continuous support and maintenance to ensure that Ethica CBD’s technology environment remained reliable and efficient.

The partnership between RVT and Ethica CBD delivered significant positive outcomes:

  1. Operational Efficiency: Ethica CBD’s operations were optimised, leading to improved productivity and cost savings.
  2. Data Protection: Ethica CBD’s data remained secure, safeguarding sensitive customer information and maintaining trust.
  3. Scalability: The technology infrastructure was designed to accommodate future growth, allowing Ethica CBD to adapt to changing market demands.

RVT’s collaboration with Ethica CBD underscores our commitment to providing technology products that empower businesses to thrive and expand. By equipping Ethica CBD with the right technology solutions, we’ve played a crucial role in facilitating their growth and ensuring operational excellence in the competitive wellbeing industry they continue to successfully operate.

Case Study

As their trusted technology solutions provider, we collaborated with Ethica CBD to address their technology needs and facilitate their next phase of growth.

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