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St George’s CoE Primary School choose Samsung


St George’s Church of England Primary School based in Camberwell, London, takes great pride in growing and nurturing enthusiastic and courageous learners, covering age groups from reception class to year 6. Their uniqueness is encapsulated by a set of core values that their children have thoughtfully chosen – sustainability, transformation, generosity, perseverance, and stewardship.


London’s St George’s Primary School is committed to providing high-quality education to its pupils by establishing a fun, creative and advanced learning environment. After extensive research in the latest technologies available in the education space, the school chose to partner with Samsung to introduce technology into the classroom, school foyer and as a tool for supporting teachers with day-to-day tasks.

“Samsung recognises that introducing technology in the classroom, such as through presentation displays, laptop devices and mobile devices means that students become familiar with the technology that they’re likely to encounter as they move into further education and into the workplace.”

Drew Rogers, Samsung

Before switching to Samsung, the school faced limitations with its technology, which came with expensive annual subscriptions that were no longer affordable against the school’s limited budget. As a result, the teachers had to rely on more traditional methods of teaching which were proving to be less interactive, more time-consuming, and ultimately less engaging from a learning perspective amongst some of the younger students. To address these challenges, the school chose to incorporate a number of Samsung technologies across campus, including the Flip Pro Interactive Whiteboard, multiple Samsung Galaxy Notebooks, and a Samsung Digital Signage Display.


The new technologies are serving a variety of purposes. Firstly, the Samsung Flip Pro Interactive Whiteboard installed into the school’s reception class, is transforming not only how lessons are delivered, but also the way children are responding to and engaging with the subject. The screen is being used for a multitude of activities, including word and number play, interactive games, presentation delivery and reward systems. 

The Flip Pro offers multiple connectivity options, enabling teachers and students to easily connect any mobile device to the screen either wirelessly through SmartView+ (iOS, Mac, Windows, Android) or Apple Airplay (iOS & Mac), or via HDMI, USB or DP. SmartView+ also allows up to 50 devices to be connected to the Flip Pro wirelessly at any given time, fostering increased collaboration and idea sharing. The feature also facilitates multi-view functionality, which can display up to four devices simultaneously on screen, making it an excellent fit for modern, digitised classrooms. Additional features also include multi-touch for up to 20 people for enhanced interactivity, as well as delivering industry-best latency at just 26ms. The Galaxy Notebooks were distributed between classrooms primarily to assist teachers with lesson planning, screen casting, and presentation delivery. The children also use the Notebooks to access the school’s educational software, making the delivery of lessons far more versatile.

“The Samsung Flip is really easy to use and has everything that I need on it. It’s really accessible for me. It just makes the learning and the teaching much more fluid.”

Miss Long, Reception Teacher at St George’s Church of England Primary School

The Samsung digital signage screen installed in the reception foyer is being used to communicate important announcements, school news, and upcoming events, as well as promoting their social media channels – a great tool for keeping the entire campus and its visitors informed.

The digital signage display also comes with Samsung’s Education Assistant – offering a quick and easy way to upload and deploy information around campus. This cloud-based solution allows users to create visually appealing content, with options to choose from pre-made content or create their own, using engaging themed templates that are easily customisable. With this solution, schools can effortlessly share important announcements, videos, images, or even presentations via their digital signage, making it an effective communication tool to keep students, teachers, and staff informed and engaged. The solution’s ease of use and flexibility means that schools can tailor their digital signage content to suit different purposes, such as promoting school events, sharing educational content, or displaying emergency alerts. This enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the school’s communication strategy, contributing to a more connected school community.

“These young children are learning technology from the very beginning. It’s there throughout the day. It’s not just as a teaching tool. It’s part of their curriculum, so they’re able to interact with lots of different technologies in the classroom all day long to support.”

Andrew Rojas, Headmaster at St George’s Church of England Primary School

Since implementing Samsung within the classroom, the children’s enthusiasm for learning has been completely transformed, as has their in-class participation. Lesson delivery for teachers is also now far more fluid than it was previously, allowing them to cover more topics throughout the lesson. The digital signage screen has also improved school communication by providing timely updates to parents, visitors and faculty. Teachers have also reported a huge uplift in their lesson planning, class delivery and overall organisation, thanks to the Galaxy notebooks helping to streamline daily admin tasks.

Case Study

After extensive research in the latest technologies available in the education space, St George’s Primary School chose to partner with Samsung to introduce technology into the classroom, school foyer and as a tool for supporting teachers with day-to-day tasks.

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