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A Stylish New Addition


Since 1945, it has remained at the forefront of the industry, leading trends and delighting shoppers. Originally started as a family-run business, the company has always maintained that family feel— something that is still very much a priority today at its 300 stores. “At River Island, you’re encouraged to be an individual, to have a voice and be part of the family,” says Paul Cooper, Head of Technology at River Island.

While the business has continued to grow on a global scale, even the most contemporary, up-to-date organisations need to evolve. That is why River Island reached out to Samsung, Microsoft and Scandit for help revitalising its in-store mobile technology and communications.


The retail industry, like many others, is experiencing tremendous change driven by digital transformation. River Island saw the opportunity to introduce new mobile technology that would enhance efficiency and connectivity in its workforce, enabling them to provide even better experiences for customers. Teams were already using handheld devices for various tasks on the shop floor, but they were costly to purchase and maintain, and limited in their functionality. They were bulky and not always easy to use. Plus, devices were often shared between up to four store colleagues, which made it hard for them to communicate freely or respond quickly to customer enquiries. In short, the devices were negatively impacting the customer and store colleague experience.


River Island needed a new mobile solution that helped staff do what they do best—be present on the shop floor to help customers explore new looks and ideas. That means responding effortlessly to customer needs, from checking stock availability and prices to answering customers’ questions straight away. They needed devices that let them source information quickly and communicate seamlessly with colleagues. Samsung worked with River Island to roll out over 5,000 Samsung Galaxy XCover smartphones across its stores. It means every employee now has access to their own personal device during each shift, with all the tools and functionality they need to carry out several key tasks.

“Our culture prizes fluid communication across all levels of the business. We have embraced Microsoft Teams on Samsung devices to open up communication with our front-line staff and we have already seen a positive impact on customer service.”

Paul Cooper, Head of Technology

Best of all, the devices are slim and light, just like the personal mobile devices staff are used to. They are easy to carry and easy to use, with very little training required. However, they’re also tough and resilient—built to last and designed to handle all the bumps, scrapes, dust and splashes they might endure during a busy day on the shop floor or in the stock room.

Case Study

Samsung’s ecosystem of mobile devices, security, solutions and support has helped unite colleagues, streamline processes and set new trends in customer experience.

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