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Preparing for a New Journey


With more than 700 stores and over 10,000 staff pleasing more than 750,000 customers1, Halfords is also a leading MOT operator, tyres, car servicing and repairs specialist. 

As the world adapts to the changes in the aftermath of the pandemic, many businesses need to implement strategies and grasp an up-to-date understanding of customer needs to evolve. 

Halfords did just that, using connected ID as a partner to make experiences more contactless. 

With that said, Halfords needed a device that can support the app and broader solutions, enhance instore technology, and provide a digital handshake to their customers. That’s why they partnered with Samsung.


Halfords – like a large number of other organisations – have relied on face-to-face custom long before the pandemic. Offering customer-led innovation and specialised support was no longer possible throughout lockdown, so change was needed, driven by a digital transformation. 

Halfords identified what they could do to ease the customer journey and erase gaps using digital technology. Not just for customers, but also for colleagues and technicians as well. 

Many teams were limited with ‘on the spot’ information and using paper to gather customers details slowed down processes, which had a negative impact on the overall colleague and customer experience. They required a device that could provide multi-function services across stores, upsell products and improve the experience for all. 

Halfords needed a solution that gave staff the tools to do their best. It was that simple. Putting the right resources in place so they could meet customer needs, and give the specialised support they are trained in was integral to improving the customer journey. Driving forward a digital transformation would let them source information efficiently and communicate seamlessly with both colleagues and customers. 

Halfords worked with Samsung to implement this change. Testing Samsung XCover devices in five stores, with the scope to provide 750 XCover Pro with Knox Manage (A web console that allows IT admins 

to configure, monitor, and manage devices, deploy updates, as well as manage certificates and licences). This means that Halfords will have devices on hand to carry out key tasks, simplify processes and streamline workflows. 

“Samsung technology allowed us to visually display a lot to customers through screens. From a device point of view, we can put devices in the hands of our colleagues and give them the information they need to provide the right information and assurance back to customers throughout that journey.” 

Neil Holden, CIO


Transforming into a digitally driven business gave halfords the ability to meet their shifting needs, but they required the support from Samsung to do so. Syncing with the Halfords business model, the Samsung XCover Pro devices take away inefficient paper-based systems, cutting out errors and transferring them to a digitised workflow. 

One area where the new devices simplified their business communication was done at the push of XCover Key, meaning Halfords staff can now get in touch with one another, more quickly than ever. 

Built for frontline workers, the Samsung XCover devices are durable for both indoors and outdoors, providing Halfords with a comfortable operation of working so they could stay ahead of the job in hand. 

Halfords utilised the long-lasting battery life of their devices, staying focussed on their tasks for a long time without distraction or battery loss. 

Samsung Knox added another layer of security to Halfords – protecting their devices from the minute they are turned on. Managing to defend the most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats. This may include customer information, so it is integral for a more secure way of working. 

Case Study

For years, Halfords have always been making journeys better with their unrivalled expertise, services, and unmatched range of motoring and cycling products.

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