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Boost Productivity with Workspace

We take immense pride in our partnership with Google as an approved reseller, a collaboration that empowers us to deliver unparalleled support and solutions to our valued customers through Google Workspace. This partnership enables us to offer cutting-edge technology that enhances productivity, collaboration, and success for businesses of all sizes.

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"We're dedicated to empowering businesses with the transformative capabilities of Google Workspace, streamlining operations and fostering collaboration for enhanced productivity and success"

Ricky Cook

Commercial Director


Google Workspace includes Gmail, a powerful email platform with advanced features such as customisable email addresses (using your organisation's domain), spam filtering, and integration with other Google Workspace apps. Gmail offers ample storage space and robust search capabilities to help users be more efficient.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides secure cloud storage for files, documents, and multimedia content. Users can create, upload, share, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more in real-time. Google Drive offers generous storage space and supports seamless integration with other Google Workspace apps.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform that enables teams to connect and collaborate from anywhere, at any time. With features such as HD video and audio, screen sharing, and real-time captions, Google Meet facilitates virtual meetings, webinars, and remote collaboration. It integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace apps, making it easy to schedule and join meetings directly from Google Calendar or Gmail.

Docs Sheets and Slides

Google Workspace includes a suite of productivity apps. Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides that enable users to create, edit, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time. These cloud-based apps offer a range of features, including version history, commenting, and offline access, to enhance productivity and collaboration among team making them feel more connected than ever.
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A New Era for AI and Google Workspace

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Together, we're stronger and the future is brighter

Achieving Google Approved Partner status signifies a mark of excellence and trust in delivering Google solutions. It indicates that we meet Google’s stringent criteria, demonstrating expertise, reliability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. As a Google Approved Partner, RVT ensures access to the latest technologies, superior support, and innovative solutions, empowering organisations to thrive.

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Why RVT and Google?

At RVT, we transcend the ordinary, offering more than just Google technologies, we deliver tailored solutions backed by expertise, dedication, and a commitment to exceeding expectations. We won’t be beaten on price and we won’t be beaten on service.

Google Approved Reseller

Benefit from our close partnership with Google, ensuring access to the latest technologies and expert support from one of our industries giants.

Expertise & Experience

With years of experience in technology solutions, we bring unmatched expertise to every project, ensuring successful deployments and maximum ROI.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every organisation is unique. Our team works closely with you to customise Google solutions that align with your specific business goals.

Ongoing Support

From initial consultation to post-deployment support, RVT is committed to your success. Count on us to keep your Google solutions running smoothly.

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. It was rebranded to Google Workspace in October 2020 to better reflect the suite’s vision for a more integrated and seamless work experience. Google Workspace encompasses a range of applications that have become essential for businesses, educators, and individuals looking to foster collaboration, increase productivity, and work efficiently from anywhere.

Core Components of Google Workspace

Google Workspace includes several core applications, each designed to facilitate specific aspects of daily work and collaboration:

  • Gmail: Google’s popular email service, optimized for business with custom email addresses (, unlimited group email addresses, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and additional security options.
  • Drive: A cloud storage platform that allows users to store files online, access them from anywhere, and collaborate in real-time.
  • Docs, Sheets, and Slides: A suite of productivity tools for creating text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, respectively, with real-time collaboration and editing capabilities.
  • Calendar: An online calendar intended for team use, providing the ability to schedule meetings, create events, and see free/busy times across the team.
  • Meet: A video conferencing tool designed for secure business meetings, integrating seamlessly with other Workspace applications.
  • Chat: A messaging platform for teams, offering direct messages and team chat rooms, along with integration with other Workspace tools for seamless collaboration.
Advantages of Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers several advantages that make it a compelling choice for organisations and teams:

  • Collaboration: Real-time editing, commenting, and sharing features across Docs, Sheets, and Slides facilitate seamless collaboration among team members.
  • Integration: Tight integration among the suite’s applications allows for a unified user experience, improving workflow and productivity.
  • Accessibility: Being cloud-based, Google Workspace ensures that documents and files are accessible from any device, anywhere, as long as there is internet connectivity.
  • Security: Google Workspace provides robust security features, including two-factor authentication, secure data storage, and custom security protocols for businesses.
  • Customisation: Businesses can customise their Workspace experience with custom email addresses, and admins have control over system settings and data security policies.
Use Cases
  • Businesses: From small startups to large enterprises, businesses use Google Workspace for managing emails, documents, and collaboration among employees.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools and universities leverage Google Workspace for Education to facilitate remote learning, assignment submission, and class communication.
  • Nonprofits: Google Workspace offers special pricing and plans for nonprofit organizations, helping them to collaborate more effectively and manage their operations.

Google Workspace represents a powerful set of tools that cater to the diverse needs of modern teams and organizations. Its focus on collaboration, integration, and security, combined with the convenience of cloud accessibility, makes it a leading choice for those looking to enhance productivity and streamline their work processes. Whether for business, education, or personal use, Google Workspace continues to evolve, incorporating new features and capabilities to meet the changing demands of its users.